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Posted on: June 10, 2021

Water Tower Maintenance & Repairs

Water Tower Maintenance Updates

When will the maintenance be performed (start, expected duration): When we closed the valve on the Wendell tower we noticed water pressure reduction that was greater than expected. The City has two pressure reducing valve (PRVs) located in the city and we have found that one is not operating properly. We will be rebuilding the stuck PRV next week to get it to operate as it should. The City uses these two PRVs to control the water levels in the tanks. You can adjust the PRVs to increase the water level to increase the water pressure, and you can adjust the PRVs to lower the water level which will decrease the water pressure. Our hopes are that this will fix the low water pressure we experienced last week while performing maintenance on the Wendall tower because will be able to completely fill the north water towers to increase the pressure to the Wendell tank area.

The City has contracted Suez (aka Utility Services) to replace the vents on top of the water towers and to clean and disinfect the insides of the water towers. Suez will continue work on replacing the vents on the 85th water tower and the Coliseum tower on June 22nd. Once completed they will perform an interior inspection of the tank with a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to make sure there is no debris that would require immediate attention.  

 Wilson and Co. Engineering is under contract with the City to perform a water model that will show the impact that the valves have in different areas which we will be able to use to better determine the course of action we need to take when maintaining our water infrastructure. If everything looks good, we will be postponing the draining and cleaning of the tanks until we receive our modeling from Wilson and Co. Engineering which is expected to be completed towards the end of 2021.

What part of the city will be impacted and when: There should be no impact to any parts of the city until further notice. You may see people on the tower performing work, but other than that we have no intention at this time of reducing anyone's water supply.

What will the impact be (low water pressure, no water, no expected impact): No impact is expected unless absolutely necessary.

Why are we doing this?: There is nothing wrong with the water. Atop the water towers are vents that let air in and out of the tower as the water level rises or decreases. Without the vents the tank could potentially expand and burst due to pressure or collapse like a soda can due to negative pressure. 

The vent design approved by KDHE differs today than it did when the towers were constructed, so we are replacing the vents with KDHE approved vents to make sure no contaminants can enter the water supply. The publics safety is of the utmost importance, and this is just routine maintenance. 

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