Park City's 40th Anniversary Memories

Park City, Kansas - 40 years

Help Us Celebrate Park City's 40th Anniversary

Park City turns 40 on November 26, 2020! We will be celebrating and reminiscing throughout the month of November by posting old photos and memories of Park City on our Facebook page. Fill out our form below and upload your photos for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page!

40th Anniversary T-Shirts

The Community Relations Board has designed an anniversary T-shirt as a fun way to celebrate this milestone. You can purchase one for $15 at the following locations: 

• Auntie C’s Restaurant, 425 E. 61st North
• Leeker’s Family Foods, 6223 N. Broadway
• Sewing and Embroidery Works, 1509 E. 61st North

40th anniversary t-shirts